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Abnormal eyelash growth, or trichiasis, causes irritation to the sensitive tissues on the surface of the eye. Small breed dogs such as, Shih Tzus and Lhasa Apsos, and dogs with large facial skin folds (e.g.: Shar Peis) are predisposed to this condition. Trichiasis often affects the upper lids and can be present in one or both eyes. Dogs with trichiasis often have red, watery eyes. They may squint, develop an ocular discharge, and be susceptible to developing corneal ulcers. Diagnosis of trichiasis requires a magnified view of the eyelashes. A fluorescein stain will rule out a concurrent corneal ulceration. Mild cases of trichiasis benefit from lubricating ointments and careful hair trimming around the eyes. Dogs more severely affected may require removal of the offending hair(s) with surgery or other techniques, such as a laser or cryoepilation.